These about me pages are always hard to write. For those that know me, I’m the type that stays in the background, shying away from any sort of attention. I’m a quiet person that prefers to listen to people rather than talk to them. If someone were to strike up a conversation with me, I would participate but wouldn’t know what to say to keep the conversation going. Its odd, I’m married to a beautiful woman, who is outgoing, daring, and is a genuine people person. Total opposite of who I am, sometimes we both wonder how we ended up together. Its funny how things workout. I’m also a father to a rambunctious little girl who I can’t picture my life without. She’s everything that my wife and I imagined. This blog is dedicated to my family and friends that I have trouble communicating with. This blog will try and record every frustration, doubt, and fear that I could not verbally say. It will include the happy moments also but those are easy to communicate, I can just smile my way through that without having to say a word. That’s enough about me, we can move on to the blog. This video from Susan Cain is interesting. Take a look.

Susan Cain: The power of introverts